A Cold Winter Night

The sun is slowly going down

Into the horizon, it steadily sinks

The sky is crystal clear

Bitter cold tonight I think

The squirrels are in their nests

Birds are perched in the pines

The deer are in the thickets

Snug and cozy, will do fine

The tree sap is popping

Snap and crackle in the night

The wind has risen sharply

In your face, it has a bite

The temperature is plummeting

Single digits the forecast

Staying in, it is prudent

As frost etches window glass

The fireplace logs are roaring

Casting heat into the room

Hot chocolate is in my cup

Comforter warms me in the gloom

Inside I will surely tonight stay

Knowing that I am warm, safe

That winter wind won’t bother me

Old Man Winter my skin won’t chafe

The only thing good about winter

Is that it will turn into spring

It is the thing that keeps me going

Thinking of the warmth it will bring

June 14, 2022