I have crossed the Mississippi

Walked the banks of the Ohio

Driven alongside the big Red

Stood in awe of the Niagara’s flow

I took a dip in the Kanawha

White water rafted down the New

Crossed over the muddy Missouri

At the Yellowstone, enjoyed the view

I went sailing on the Potomac

I went fishing in the Arkansas

Entered Mexico crossing the Rio Grande

From mountaintop the Colorado I saw

Listened to a loon on the Kennebec

Of the Hudson, I am a big fan

I got lost on the Chattahoochee

On the Suwanee, I got a dark tan

One time I visited the James

In Minnesota the St. Croix

I’ve been to the Willamette

The mighty Snake was a joy

I enjoyed the scenery on the Wabash

Caught a catfish in the White

Went kayaking on the Blue

On the Patoka, I spent a night

As you can tell, I like rivers

There is one I’m waiting to see

The River Of Life, it beckons

And I know it’s waiting for me

I will dive into it head first

Relax as it cleanses my mortal soul

Feel its power engulf me completely

To experience it is my goal

Wednesday, July 27, 2022