Now He Believes

In the back row, he quietly stood
He watched and waited, he was skeptical
The rumors that he had often heard
Indeed, they made him very quizzical

About the Holy Spirit, he knew nothing
And that is why he was here
Part of him was extremely excited
Part of him harbored abstract fear

His eyes were focused on the pulpit
When the atmosphere so abruptly changed
What unfolded before his skeptical eyes
He immediately scoffed, thought it strange

The pastor began to pray and weep
And then fell prostrate on his face
He could just barely hear the pastor speak
What sounded like words from outer space

Row by row, through the people it came
Something was happening, he didn’t know what
He could sense it was something awesome
Because the room became terribly hot

He saw things that were beyond explanation
Things that fascinate him to this day
Miracles of every kind were happening
Skepticism he set aside, repented, obeyed

The Holy Spirit visited him that night
Helped him to overcome all of his doubt
From his mouth the utterance of tongues
Began as a whisper, became a mighty shout

Now he wants to know so much more
To feel that presence is his only desire
He wants to forever bask in the essence
Of that life-changing Holy Ghost fire

Friday, June 17, 2022