The Christmas Angel - Robin

“Father, I don’t understand. All of my assignments have been with children. She’s a young woman,” said Gabriel from his hiding place.

“Gabriel, don’t let appearances deceive you. Robin is a child in many ways. She has Down Syndrome. Her mental capacity is that of an eight-year-old,” said the Father.

“What would you have me do?” he asked.

“Watch her, you will know,” came the reply.

The more Gabriel watched the more he realized how handicapped she was. Her vocabulary was limited to a handful of words, her gait was awkward, and she was very introverted. Her facial features were typical of a person who had the disease. How the Father was going to work this one out was going to be interesting.

“Father, I have a question. Have her parents prayed for her healing?”

“They used to. At one time they attended church on a regular basis. When Robin was born and diagnosed with the disease, they sought me on a daily basis. I was hindered by their unbelief. They had so many people try to tell them what to do they lost their focus on me. They gave up and left the church. Robin has struggled with it for twenty-two years. I love her dearly. You will also once you get to know her.”

“Father, I don’t understand why they gave up. Don’t they know your Word?”

“Yes, but to some people it seems impossible to believe that healing is theirs for the asking. That is the reason,” answered the Father.

Gabriel nodded his head in understanding.

That night he stood by her bedside and watched her sleep. As he watched he felt a presence close by.


“Yes, Gabriel, I am here.”

“Master, I want to help her. What do I do?”

“Talk to her. Tell her about me. Just because she’s handicapped shouldn’t stop you. Remember, I love her just the way she is. She is as innocent as a newborn baby. Talk to her, Gabriel, I will be close by if you need me,” answered Jesus.

Suddenly he was alone.

Gabriel knelt by her bed and listened to her breathing.

“She’s beautiful now, I can’t wait to see what happens,” he said while brushing her hair out of her eyes. Robin stirred, stretched, rubbed her eyes, and opened them. Startled, she opened her mouth to scream. She took a deep breath and stopped. Something about Gabriel made her stop.

“Who you?” she whispered.

“Robin,” Gabriel softly spoke, “don’t be afraid. My name is Gabriel. I won’t hurt you. I’m here to help you. Do you understand what I am saying?”

The blank look on her face told him that she didn’t. She scooted to the far side of the bed, pulled the blanket up over her head, and began to whimper.

“Robin, do you know who God is?”

She had a puzzled look on her face when she peeked out from under the blanket.

“Father, how do I explain love to her?” he asked.

Glancing at a picture on the wall, he saw a young Robin holding a puppy in her arms.

“Is that your puppy? What is its name?”

Her face lit up and she mumbled, “Gracie?”

“Did Gracie like you? Did you play with her?”

“Uh huh,” came her reply.

“Did she lick your face or hands?”

Robin nodded her head yes.

“Robin, that was her way of showing you that she loves you,” he said, “did you pet her and hold her in your arms?”

She slowly shook her head yes.

“What about your mom and dad? Do they hold you in their arms and tell you that they love you?”


Robin, that is one kind of love. There is a better and greater love. That love is God.”

She had a confused look on her face. Gabriel knew he had to simplify it or he would lose her.

“Robin, love makes you feel good inside. Do you feel good when your mom or dad hugs you? That feel-good feeling is love. Did you feel good when you held Gracie and she licked you? That was love.”

Robin began to shake her head yes.

Robin, there is someone that loves you just as you are. He sees your struggles and understands what you’re going through. His name is Jesus. He placed His love in all of us. He put it in you from the very beginning. Do you understand?”

The blank look was on her face again.

“Jesus, what do I do?

“Gabriel, I am here. I see that you need help. Watch, for what I am about to do very few have ever seen,” He answered.

Gabriel watched as something amazing happened. He saw Jesus take Robin’s hand and lift her from the bed. She began smiling as Jesus wrapped His arms around her. The room became incredibly bright, the temperature rose, and he could see a transformation taking place. After a few moments, he saw Jesus leave and the room went back to normal. Gabriel beheld a new Robin.

Robin, tears streaming down her face, turned to Gabriel and spoke.

“What just happened to me?” she said and then gasped, “I can talk! I no longer have a fog in my mind!”

“Robin, you just met Jesus. He is God along with the Father and the Holy Spirit. They are three in one. He wrapped His arms around you with unconditional love,” he answered.

“Is that what happened? I’m confused. I don’t know anything about them. All I know is my body feels like it is on fire!”

“God happened to you. Robin, he healed you. You no longer have Down Syndrome.”

“What is that?”

“A horrible disease you were born with.”

“I don’t have it anymore?”

“No, you are a perfect person in every way.”

“I’m talking to you and I have no idea who you are,” she said with a wary look in her eye.

“My name is Gabriel. I am one of God’s helpers. I am an angel. There are many of us. I am assigned to children who have needs. With God’s prompting miracles happen.”

“I’m not a child!” she defiantly said.

“No, you are a young woman. The disease made you as a child. Do you understand?”

“I think so. Wow! I have to tell Mom and Dad,” she excitedly said while turning the bedroom door handle. Stepping into the hallway, she came to an abrupt stop.

Gabriel could see that she was staring at herself in a mirror.

“My face,” she whispered, “it looks different. What happened? I’ve never had a mirror in my room before. I didn’t like how I looked.

“Robin, God did a complete healing,” said Gabriel, “look at yourself. You are beautiful, much prettier than you were before.”

Crying, she rushed to the stairs.

Meanwhile, downstairs his parents were wrapping Christmas presents.

“Do you think she will like the doll?” asked her father while putting a big red bow on the package.

“I’m sure she will. She’s played with all of the others we’ve gotten her,” answered her mother.

“Did you get her doll house wrapped?”

“Yes, it’s under the tree.”

Suddenly they were interrupted by sounds of movement upstairs.

“She’s awake? At this hour? I wonder what’s wrong?”

They heard footsteps flying down the stairs. Rising to their feet, they started for the stairway. They came to an abrupt halt when Robin ran into the room.


"Mom! Dad! I’m healed!” she shouted.

“What? How?” they both shouted in amazement.

“I met Jesus. He was in my room. He hugged me tight, and I felt my sickness burn away!”

“What are you talking about?” Jesus was in your room?”

“It’s true. He came to see me. He loves me. He loves you too. I felt it flow from Him into me when the hugged me. I have never felt like this before. I feel warm inside!”

“Robin, your face! It’s changed. And you’re talking!” her father said in astonishment, “Can it really be true?”

“I also met Gabriel. He’s an angel, one of God’s helpers. We had a long talk, and then Jesus came.”

Her mother began to sob while looking at her daughter.

“I know what I experienced is real. I want to know more about God. I want to know everything there is to know. Can we learn about Him? Please?” she pleaded.

Her father joined her mother on the floor, hugging each other, and weeping while staring at Robin.

“Honey, you’re beautiful!”

She blushed as red as a beet. It was the first time anyone had ever told her that.

“Robin, it’s almost Christmas. It’s time this family went back to church. It’s time you learn about the Savior,” cried her father, “when you were born and diagnosed we began praying for a miracle. It didn’t happen and we became bitter. We felt that God didn’t care. We know better now.”

“Dad, He’s real. I met Him tonight,” she spoke with tears in her eyes.

“Father, thank you for healing our daughter,” her father prayed through his tears, “please forgive us for our unbelief. Help us to know you in a way we never have before. Amen.”

Gabriel watched the scene from a corner of the hallway. As the family embraced each other he murmured, “Merry Christmas.”

Lifting his face toward Heaven, he spoke.

“Jesus, I think I understand. You healed Robin in order to reach her parents. Am I correct?”

“Yes, Gabriel, you are correct. Sometimes, when all else fails, I must show my love and power to shake people up. I believe I succeeded, don’t you?”

“Again, Jesus, you work in mysterious ways, you surely do.”

December 21, 2021