He Was Just A Simple Fisherman

He was just a simple fisherman

When a man approached him on the beach

Something about the man intrigued him

And to an agreement they quickly reached

The man asked him to go with Him

To put his nets and fishing aside

Told him that he had a calling

To be “Fishers Of me,” with Him coincide

That day he took a step of faith

To follow a man he did not know

In time there were eleven more

All to follow Him, destination unknown

He watched this man perform miracles

Heard Him teach the Word of God

In awe he watched Him raise the dead

Always meek, unbelievers deemed Him odd

By his faith, he walked on water

And then he faltered and began to sink

The Master reached out, offered His hand

And raised him from the watery brink

The priesthood labeled Jesus dangerous

Even though He never committed a crime

They considered His words blasphemous

His demise was only a matter of time

Peter watched as the treachery unfolded

Was shocked when Judas betrayed Him

In the shadows, he was at the trial

Knew that Jesus’ survival chances were slim

In the crowd, he was recognized thrice

And afraid, he vowed he knew Him not

Immediately he heard a cock crow

And in anguish, he wept, remorse he fought

Peter was just a simple fisherman

A man that the Savior had sought

He went on to be a mighty fisherman

He proved it by the souls he caught

Tuesday, November 15, 2022