Coal And Dust

He took a little lump of black coal
And with His hands made it a stone
The pressure that He firmly applied
It’s beauty made it stand out alone

He took the stone that he had made
And turned it into a dazzling gem
When He placed by all the others
It was more brilliant than all of them

And the diamond that He had made
He cut and set it aside for only me
In the crown that I have earned
It will be placed there for all to see

He took a little pile of fine dust
And created man with flesh and bone
He took a rib from His creation
Made woman so man wouldn’t be alone

He watched His creation turn, walk away
Satan, he had made fools of them
Lord Jesus, he came to Earth one day
The Devil’s onslaught He would stem

And because of God’s redemption plan
Homes in heaven where glory abounds
One day soon He will call my name
And in His presence, I will there be found

This pile of fine dust that I have become
That God decreed that I would be
Will someday wear that lump of coal
In my golden crown for all to see

Tuesday, June 21, 2022