Bongo The Chimpanzee

Bongo was a brave little monkey
He lived up high in an old tree
Small in stature he surely was
For an African Chimpanzee

Through the limbs, he swung
Being agile with feet and hands
Safe and secure he always felt
While foraging a savage land

Always traveled with a banana
On his face was a silly grin
Black hair covered his body
He had long whiskers on his chin

One day he met a leopard
Leered at him, its chops licked
Through the trees, he raced
Doing his best to leopard trick

In haste, he dropped his banana
Grabbed a limb and slipped
On the hard ground, he landed
His leg was in the leopard’s grip

He’s now in the leopard’s tummy
He had become a big cat meal
His demise came so fast
He didn’t have time to squeal

So if you like to play and swing
Among the branches way up high
Better make sure of your grip
Or chances are you will die!

Friday, June 17, 2022