Inner Thoughts

Have you ever wondered how hard it is
To share your inner thoughts?
Is it because in today’s society?
It’s contrary to what you are taught?

And if you are a male it’s even harder
Told to be tough and be a man
When the little boy inside you
Wants to share everything he can

He wants to understand his life
Comprehend the meaning of love
Be swept into a lasting relationship
That fits tighter than any glove

And women are no different
Their needs aren’t hidden very deep
Dreams of being a princess come
As they are resting or are asleep

They long to find Prince Charming
Be nurtured, praised, and loved
For romance like Cinderella had
A shoe their foot they’d gladly shove

But everyone has their hangups
Deal with doubts, worry, and fears
Have had their hearts trodden so much
From intimacy, they tend to veer

Why can’t we learn to listen
When someone is baring their soul
To truly come to know them
Should always be our ultimate goal

Tuesday, June 21, 2022