The Agony Of Defeat

Four hundred thirteen pounds he weighed

His favorite attire was a set of bibs

No shoes on his feet did he wear

A sleeveless T-shirt; completed the fib

A professional wrestler wannabe

This was his very first pro match

His opponent was a little bitty man

A victory from him he would snatch

Into the ring, they both did climb

He studied his opponent with contempt

The bell rang, and the bout began

And he made a very futile attempt

Before he knew it he was down

The little man straddled his chest

Trying hard, he couldn’t get up

He was giving it his very best

At the count of three, he lost

And at the outcome he was stunned

He found out later in the locker room

He had wrestled the promoter’s son

The teasing, it just wouldn’t stop

And he held his head with shame

His opponent was only ten years old

And a victory over him did claim

His professional career, is one and done

He’s gone on to other things

His bib overalls are a reminder

How the agony of defeat, it stings

June 14, 2022