The Mind Of Adam

Imagine having the mind of Adam
Before he and Eve erred and fell
To have all of your brain’s faculties
Living in a world of show and tell

Every creature he gave a name
From the Aardvark to Hummingbird
All were different, no names the same
He was never at a loss for words

For every question, he had an answer
There was nothing he didn’t know
He was a man, perfect in many ways
To Eve and him, God’s love, it flowed

All of this he had to give up and flee
Because of disobeying God’s command
The things God bestowed, he took back
From paradise was forced to harsh land

For their mistake, they paid a steep price
A price we still pay to this day
That’s why Christ came as our Savior
To redeem us and show us the way

Friday, June 17, 2022