How You Answer

When the Holy Spirit comes calling

Patiently waiting for you to respond

He tugs your heart, then waits

Conviction, a tool He depends upon

A response is all that He desires

Either yes or a very hesitant no

When opportunity arises He’ll come back

Not giving up to the one below

He’s used to being shunned, ignored

But give up on you, He never will

The ministry He has here on Earth

Is something that He must fulfill

He knows there are millions dying

And to Hell, all are destined to go

Over and over again He will try

To stop that vicious Hell bound flow

But first, you must stop and listen

When that conviction comes your way

Realize who is talking to you

And then turn to Him without delay

Failure to respond will condemn you

To an eternity of total despair

But responding to Him and repenting

Wins an eternity with One who cares

Wednesday, September 21, 2022