If Love Was A ....

If love was a flower
A fragrance comes to mind
A bouquet of red roses
Conveys true love ever so kind

If love was a food
Something comfort it would be
Fried chicken, mashed potatoes
Mac and cheese and sweet tea

If love was a place
I would always be there
The place, probably my favorite
Without a worry or a care

If love was a word
Spoken from within your heart
They tend to come easy
Flowing freely from the start

If love was a song
To me, this one will always be
To my mind, it instantly comes
It’s Unchained Melody

If love was a kiss
It’d be deep and long
The melding of soft lips
Couldn’t possibly be wrong

If love was a caress
It would be gently done
Affection shown so freely
To the heart that you’ve won

If love was a name
There’s only one it could be
The precious name of Jesus
Always there for you and me

Love can be all of these
True love experiences them all
Open your heart and receive them
Depends on how hard you fall

Tuesday, June 21, 2022