What It Was Was Football

In a large cow pasture, they met
Intending on playing a new game
First, they had to run the cows off
So that a playing field could claim

Some thought the game was brutal
Others looked forward to it with glee
Getting a broken bone is not thought of
Or cuts and bruises for others to see

They marked of the playing field
Divided up and faced each other
Animosities once hidden came back
As they took it out on one another

Sportsmanship, it became a joke
As they beat each other to a pulp
Limping, crawling, they left the field
The loss of blood made them gulp

The final score, it was 0 to 0
Any knowledge of the game was nil
Rules were ignored and a brawl began
The winner was decided by blood spilled

Thus, the first football game was played
The forerunner of what we see today
Through the years it has evolved
Into something thousands have played

That first game must have been something
I’m surprised it survived that day
How a group of men played a game
Among the cow pies where they lay

Friday, June 17, 2022