Little Bobby's Prayer

Little Bobby knelt in prayer
His hands toward Heaven raised
Praying for Mommy and Daddy
With a trembling voice pleaded, praised

“God, my Mommy and Daddy”
“They fight most of the time”
“Can you help them, pretty please?”
“Before they commit a crime”

“I love my Mommy and Daddy”
“And I know you love them too”
“Please, God, will you show me
Just what do I have to do?”

“My Daddy has a bad temper”
“My Mommy has one too”
“God, sometimes he hits her”
“She has bruises, black and blue”

“Mommy likes to throw things”
“Whatever she can grab”
She just got out of the hospital”
“She spent time in rehab”

“Daddy, he says he is sorry”
“And I’ve heard all of this before”
Then the fighting starts again”
“In my bedroom, hide, slam the door”

“God, it is really scary here”
“Can you somehow fix it pretty please?“
“Until you do I will stay
“Right here praying on bended knee”

Friday, June 17, 2022