You Don't Have To

You don’t have to stand behind a pulpit
Or be on a praise and worship team
Don’t have to teach a class Sunday morning
Or be able to interpret prophecies and dreams

You don’t have to drive the church bus
Or be on the elder and deacon board
All you have to do is be willing
With what you have to share the Lord

All you have to do is speak out
Let His love from you freely flow
Have the courage to honor your convictions
Let the Jesus inside you outwardly show

You don’t have to be a public speaker
Or be a well-known gospel star
He has equipped you with what you need
He will use you just as you are

All it takes is faith, a little courage
To make sure the gospel seed is sown
When you do He’ll be by your side
You will never have to witness alone

Wednesday, November 23, 2022