To Be A Pirate

Ahoy, matey, and listen to my tale

Of high seas adventure under canvas sail

The jolly roger flag, I flew it high

Aboard my pirate ship, the Nellie Blye

With a cutlass and a crew by my side

No merchant ship from me could hide

Many’s the ship sent to the ocean’s floor

We’d ravage and pillage, then look for more

Our ship’s holds, they were treasure filled

Gold, silver, and pearls, for which we killed

A reward for our heads, it was a kingly sum

We scoffed at it over a keg or two of rum

Many poor souls we made walk the plank

At the end from under oot, we’d yank

The sharks they circled, waited for a meal

We could hear their cries and their squeals

When the voyage was over, treasure was divvied up

It could be doubloons, silver, or a gold cup

Back to port to gamble and drink it away

This was a typical pirates life every day

Then out to sea for another heist try

Never knowing if it was your day to die

Awake from my dream I was suddenly shook

Today I’d read more from my pirate book

Friday, October 28, 2022