The National Parks

To the National Parks, I’ll go
It is on my bucket list
I want to visit all sixty
It is something I can’t resist

Alaska is at my list top
There is so much to see
Mount McKinley, Glacier Bay
And the park called Denali

The Grand Canyon calls me
It’s something I can’t explain
I want to ride that trail
Descend on that mule train

To Hawaii, I must go
The volcano I must see
On the rim look down
Would be a thrill for me

I want to go to Maine
See lighthouses on the shore
Eat some fresh lobster tail
Then probably ask for more

The Parks, I’ve seen a third
And I’m running out of time
At my age it is hard
To miss opportunities so sublime

If my health allows me
Most of them I will see
If not, I will be content
With the ones allowed to me

Thursday, June 16, 2022