My Bottomless Pit

At my house lives a bottomless pit

It is known as my calico cat

All she ever wants to do is eat

And what is amazing, she’s not fat

In the morning she eats boiled chicken

Along with her food that is dry

At noon she always begs for more

And if refused all she does is cry

Supper time she becomes a maniac

Back and forth, she paces the floor

She knows that wet food is coming

Never satisfied, she always wants more

On the window sill, she watches the birds

A hungry gleam is in her eye

She starts making threatening cat sounds

As if saying, “Eat You! Let me try!”

Now if she keeps on eating this way

Of monstrous size, she will likely be

At least twenty-five pounds if an ounce

She will be, it seems amazing to me

Now if you ever come to my door

And come face to face with my cat

Pray you don’t smell like a chicken

Because if you do you had better scat!

June 14, 2022