Bible Journeys


Through my Bible, I’ve taken many journeys
Each trek has left me in utmost awe
From the very beginning, I have hiked
As I learned about God’s presence and law

I walked the Garden with Adam and Eve
And was dismayed as they spiritually fell
I was there when the mighty tempest arose
Observed the Ark as it crested the swells

I followed Moses to the Promised Land
Was amazed when he parted the Red Sea
Watched as he hiked up that holy mountain
Returning with those tablets, holy decrees

I hiked in the Wilderness for forty years
I was led by a cloud and a pillar of fire
Ate manna, quail, drank water from a rock
Somehow I never wore out my attire

I hiked with Joshua around old Jericho
And watched as those mighty walls fell
With King David, I marched off to war
With Solomon built the temple, and did well

With the shepherds, I followed a bright star
Leaving the flock, hiked to Bethlehem town
Observed a newborn babe in a manger
Knowing that forever He would be renowned

I followed the Master wherever He went
Hiked many a path, dusty and offbeat
Hiked Golgotha’s Hill to His crucifixion
Knowing His death became Satan’s defeat

All these things I have searched and found
As throughout my Bible I took a hike
Each journey brings me closer to Him
Where I find the peace and love that I like

There is a hike that I so anxiously await
Whether I am dead or I am Rapture bound
The hike that I am looking forward to
Will happen when I hear that trumpet sound

My journey will be a homeward-bound one
Where I will go and be eternally wed
I will hike the aisle as His beloved bride
“Welcome home, my child,” will be said

 Monday, July 25, 2022