I Want To Go!

I so want to go to Heaven

I want to see my Heavenly home

I want to see my Mansion

See my name written in His tome

I want to see the throne room

Where the Father, His glory shines

I want to see the cherubim, seraphim

Praising, honoring the most divine

I want to see my new address

On that avenue paved with gold

I want to be in eternal warmth

Never again endure hot or cold

I want to see all of my family

My parents, my grandparents too

Meet family from generations past

Have a reunion long past due

I want to see the banquet table

Wherewith Him I will one day dine

Place settings of gold, fine linen

Bountiful feast, good food, fine wine

I want to see that horse herd

Uncountable stallions, brilliant white

One day I will saddle one up

Accompany Jesus, against evil fight

Most of all I want to meet

The one who willingly died for me

Look into His eyes and thank Him

For giving His life on that tree

Because of His love and sacrifice

With Him, I know I will forever live

My eternity with Him is secure

When my heart to Him I did give

One day I will go and see Heaven

All of its wonders will be mine

The trials of this world forgotten

As I worship the most divine

Monday, July 18, 2022