Out Of The Woods

Out of the woods, it came
It's only target was my neck
Tall, dark, and incredibly ugly
My body it wanted to wreck

Sidestepped it, I took the shot
Somehow I aimed and missed
All I did was upset, infuriate it
I could tell it was really pissed

It’s terrible breath I could smell
As it brushed against my sleeve
I recoiled back in total horror
I couldn’t help but be relieved

Dropping my gun, I turned, ran
Tree branches slapped my face
My intention, get out of there
My presence, not leave a trace

To my truck, I frantically run
Panicked, tears and crying endured
I crawled in, locked the door
Left quickly, my safety ensured

Thinking back on what it was
A conclusion I have finally made
Whatever that thing I met was
Makes me shudder, I was afraid

Friday, June 17, 2022