Part Of His Plan

I wonder when the Ark landed

And they opened up the doors

If they were afraid or excited

Entering a world different than before

Imagine entering a brand new world

Totally innocent and free from sin

Their purpose was to start over

And multiply, replenish it again

I wonder if they even noticed

God’s promise high in the sky

An arced band of bright color

One too beautiful to describe

I wonder if when Noah saw it

If he looked upward and smiled

I wonder if he gave thanks

While animals left, two by two by file

I wonder if on old Mount Ararat

On that glorious brand new day

If Noah and his family realized

Consequences if they had not obeyed

Sometimes I sit and ponder

About the origin, destiny of man

Then I stop and usually pray

Thank God I am part of His plan

Because of Noah and the Ark

I am here writing this today

His love for me, it humbles me

And I thank Him when I pray

June 14, 2022