Quietly she sat on the front row at church, waiting for the praise and worship service to begin. Tall and slender in build, she wore a white, long-sleeved blouse, yellow sweater vest, and jeans, with white sandals completing her attire. Long, blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders, causing her to look older than her age. Her bright, blue eyes were her best feature and when she smiled, they twinkled like stars in the night sky. The contrast of her hair with her suntanned face and happy smile reminded everyone of how pretty she was. Now as she waited her mind raced.

“I wish the service would hurry up and start. I love to sing, and worship service is the best part of the church. Sometimes pastor talks about things I don’t understand, but I still want to come”

“Oh, good, here come the musicians now. And it looks like they’re going to start with my favorite song - Jehovah Jireh. They did! Hurray! I love that song. Oooh! We’re going into worship. I wonder if God will come tonight? I hope so! It’s so neat to feel His presence. I want to feel it again tonight. Jesus, will you please come tonight? I feel so good, warm inside when you come.”

As the beat of the music permeated the air, she began swaying in time with the music. Knowing all of the songs by heart, she was able to close her eyes and concentrate on the words instead of reading them from the overhead projector screen. The strum of the electric guitars and the beat of the drums caused her toe to tap in rhythm for the first couple of songs, but as they went farther into the service, she began to dance to the music. Her hair flying, head lifted upward, eyes closed and hands raised toward the heavens, she sang every song with her utmost efforts.

“I’m glad that Mom and Dad let me sit on the front row tonight. When I sit in the back sometimes I can’t hear what’s going on. And up here I have room to dance. I hope people won’t watch me instead of paying attention to the service. I hate it when people get their eyes off God and pay attention to worldly things, especially me. After all, King David danced before the Lord, why can't I."

“I wish I could keep my hair out of my mouth when I dance! Mom won’t let me cut it. Says it’s a woman’s crowning glory, whatever that means. I guess it’s ok. Josh likes my hair long, so I guess I’ll keep it. Boys!”

“He’s coming! I can sense that He’s coming. Gotta pray! Please, Lord, listen to my prayers.”

As the spirit of the Lord descended on the congregation, it moved in many ways. There was weeping, crying, and praying throughout the church. But for her, the only thing she could do was pray. Finding a place in front of the altar she knelt, wiped tears from her eyes, removed her sandals, and began to talk to God as only she knew how.

“God, there’s so much going on in my life, and I need you to help me. School is tough and especially if you’re a Christian. The kids make fun of me because I go to church. And I don’t have any friends. God, I need a friend. Will you send me a friend? Will you be my friend?”

With her hands and face lifted upward she prayed, tears streaming down her face and dripping to the floor.

“He’s here! I can feel Him all around me. Pastor’s on the floor crying and Mom and Dad are praying. It’s hot in here! Maybe it will be cooler on the floor. Gotta lie down for a while. God will find me wherever I am. Why do I feel so heavy? It feels like someone has a foot on my back and is holding me down. I can’t get up! God, are you holding me down?”

She prostrated herself on the floor and basked in His glory, absorbing the presence like a sponge absorbing a spill.   

“Please touch me like you’re touching the others. I want to feel your touch too. Aah! I feel you, Lord, I feel you. Thank you! Now that you’re here, please don’t leave. Stay! I want to lie in your presence.”

She quietly lay there the rest of the service, completely drained, and in a perfect state of peace.

“He’s gone. But what an experience! I wish He would stay forever. Pastor says that now that I’m saved I’ll live with Him forever. I wish it was now! Wow! I don’t feel so heavy anymore. Maybe I can get up off the floor now. I wonder when He will come again.”

When the service ended she sluggishly peeled herself off the floor, and on wobbly legs, she joined her parents for the drive home. Before she went to sleep that night she again prayed.

“God, thank you for saving me. Thank you for your presence this evening. I love you, Lord, good night.”

September 11, 2020