A Matted Knotted Mess

She came running through a bramble bush
Seeing me, she came bouncing to my side
Plopped down at my feet, she panted
One look at her and I immediately cried

Her hair was a matted, knotted mess
She had huge cockleburs on her ears and nose
I saw that she had been in the creek
Feet dripping wet, mud between her toes

I made the mistake of saying her name
Moments later she crawled into my lap
Slobbering, wet feet, and stinky dog hair
Was my fate, I began to feel trapped

Get down, she didn’t want to do
Not one hundred twenty pounds of dog
Sprawled out in a big hairy heap
Was that massive, stinky, canine log

Scold her? No way that I ever could
When she looked me square in the eye
With only a love that a dog can give
She licked my nose and made me cry

How can you ever be mad at a pet?
Especially one that crawled into your heart
Because no matter what they do
Your love for each other will never part


The inspiration for this poem is my daughters golden retrievers. Not too long ago I was at her house and ran into this problem. Their dogs {5} were running loose through the woods and stream. Each came back a dripping wet, tangled up mess. One was so bad we had to take it to the groomer's to have it taken care of. As aggravating as it was, you can't help but love them. And they return the love with unconditionality.

Monday, August 8, 2022