First In Line

Now normally I don’t volunteer
I am usually last in line
All my life I’ve been that way
Everything has gone just fine

Now my priorities have changed
First, in line, I want to be
My name is on a roll call
And it is very important to me

One day my name will be called
And from this Earth, I’ll leave
My name was put on that list
The day I repented and believed

In the Book Of Life, it’s printed
In my heart I know it’s there
When I arrive in Heaven
“Welcome home,” Jesus will declare

“I remember the day I wrote it”
“I was so proud of you”
“In bold ink I inscribed it”
“It is there for all to view”

“Are you hungry? Get in line”
“For the Marriage Supper of the Lamb”
“Come and dine with Father and Me”
“For we are the Great I Am”

Tuesday, June 14, 2022