A Job To Do

The game was tied, bottom of the ninth
Bases were loaded, there were two outs
The batter at the plate was the pitcher
Him hitting the ball? There were doubts

His season batting average was abysmal
He had only had one very lucky hit
As fate would have it, he was up
Right now, on the bench, he’d rather sit

The opposing pitcher smiled, threw the ball
Dust flew as it smacked the catcher’s mitt
“Strike one!” the umpire made the call
The batter grimaced, then glared a bit

“Strike two!” the umpire made it clear
And the bleachers began to empty out
The batter prayed under his breath
“Please, Lord! Not the last out!”

The pitcher nodded and then let fly
It was a fastball, low and outside
The batter took a mighty swing, connected
And to deep center field, it flied

Shocked, the center fielder misjudged the ball
And over his head, that ball went
It bounced off the center field wall
From third base, the runner was sent

Victory was won at that last moment
By one that was the least expected
All because a batter urgently prayed
Got an answer, ball and bat connected

Jesus was also in a desperate situation
One that He was forced to win
All He had to endure and painfully do
Was a beating then die for our sin

He also was the least expected one
He didn’t win the victory by using force
The method He used was all about love
He died on the cross, ran the course

His victory came in the nick of time
And it took Satan out of the game
When you take time to contemplate
He and the pitcher were basically the same


I am so glad that Jesus won against Satan!  We would be living in a really messed up world.  I can't imagine it being any worse than it already is. Makes me shudder to think about it!

Tuesday, August 9, 2022