The BB Gun

He got a brand new BB gun

Red Ryder, it was the brand

Excited, he filled the magazine

BB’s spilling from his hands

Along the fence line, he hunted

Shooting anything that moved

Grasshoppers, crickets aplenty

Until a little sparrow, he viewed

Cocking his weapon, he took aim

Pulled the trigger and missed

His father shouted his name

Sounded like he was pissed

“Your BB, it hit the house”

“Being careful you were not

“Now hand it to me please”

“Before you take another shot”

He lost it for two weeks

To his parents, he did apologize

He no longer took a bad shot

His error, it made him wise

With it, he became a good shot

Always remembering what he did

A lesson learned the hard way

Always hurts when you’re a kid

June 14, 2022