Fresh Oil

Broken and crying, on his knees he prayed
“Father, I need a dose of fresh oil”
“This world is trying to get me down”
“Everything that I try always gets spoiled

“Father, I know your word says trust you”
“That all of my battles have been won”
“Then why am I always struggling so hard?”
“At the moment life isn’t very much fun”

“I even bought a packet of mustard seeds”
“I know my faith is bigger than that”
“But my prayers never seem to get answered”
“So, Father, can we please have a chat?"

“I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong”
“Can you answer that for me, please?”
“If there are things that I must change
Please make them plain for me to see”

“I know that I need a new refreshing”
“I need to feel the cleansing oil flow”
“I want to feel it burning deep inside
Ridding me of the sinful things I show”

“All of your promises I know they are mine
And by faith all I must do is ask”
“Open myself up to receive the anointing”
“Please drench me from a heavenly flask”

“Now I am ready to turn my life around”
“Be a strong Christian for all to see”
“By faith I know my prayers are answered”
“Please, Lord, will you hurry and oil me?"

Tuesday, June 21, 2022