In Our Darkness

In our darkness, we often stumble

Over barriers constantly in our way

We struggle to maneuver around it

Only to face another unfortunate delay

This is the sordid story of our lives

Satan makes sure it stays that way

He constantly places things before us

It is sin in various shades of grey

Sometimes you can see it clearly

And others it will be highly obscured

Yet in your darkness, it’s always there

Distorted, transfigured, and blurred

This world was stained for us

By a being that knows us very well

He’s the master of lies and deception

He wants to take all of us to Hell

He knows how to use the darkness

In order to help us live a sinful lie

He knows that when he has us

Our future is to sadly eternally die

He is comfortable in the darkness

In the shadows, he bides his time

His intentions are nothing but devious

Helping us to commit an eternal crime

Out of his darkness comes temptation

Its sole purpose is to seduce

When we allow it to enter in

We are lost, a piece of lonely refuse

Monday, November 7, 2022