The Western Skies

Have you ever observed the stars at night
In the darkness of a western Montana sky?
Unencumbered by the glare of city lights
How the heavenly array will make you sigh

Imagine finding a place to get comfortable
Perhaps on a blanket where you can recline
Then use your jacket for a soft headrest
Lay back, open your eyes to beauty defined

Many of the constellations are there before you
And what is amazing, they’ve all been named
From the beginning of time, they’ve been there
Each one is distinctly different, none the same

All of these are the handiwork of Almighty God
And in one day they were spoken into being
The absolute magnitude of what He has done
Is breathtaking and so well worth you seeing

In Genesis God spent a long week at work
On the fourth day the stars He then created
With His Word, they came forth into existence
What He did that day can not be underrated

If you know your Bible you will understand
The reason you and the stars are here
We are all a part of His holy Master plan
And that our purpose in life is distinctly clear

We are to worship Him, praise His name
And acknowledge that He is our Lord
That all of the beauty that is around you
Was to bring us to Him in one accord

These thoughts will surely overwhelm you
As those western Montana skies, you gaze
Then come to understand that what you see
Was created by the Ancient Of Days

 A few years ago I was in western Montana and indeed took in the night sky. Absolutely magnificent. No wonder they call it the Big Sky country!  I will never forget it.  It rather humbles me to think that God made all of this.  He loved us. He surely does.

Friday, August 12, 2022