Old Age

Old age is a relative thing
Until you crawl out of bed
Prospects of the coming day
Fills your mind with dread

Hobbling to the bathroom
To begin the morning ordeal
Amazed at the aches and pains
You suddenly begin to feel

Fearful you gaze into the mirror
Oh my Lord, what a sight
You know you’ve got work to do
To not give someone a fright

First, you put on the bifocals
Then you put in your teeth
Don’t forget the prune juice
For some much-needed relief

No matter where you shave
There are some you’re going to miss
Can’t tell if the wig’s on straight
Do you really look like this?

Ben Gay’s your favorite fragrance
One size fits all doesn’t work
Mylanta, Tylenol and Ex-Lax
Becomes a daily favorite perk

Yes, old age can be nasty
Something we all someday will face
So put yourself together
Hobble off in God’s good grace

Tuesday, June 21, 2022