The Canyon

Standing on the rim I was

Reveling in that awesome view

I watched the sun cast shadows

Changing colors, pink, red to blue

Far below me, the river glistened

In this canyon, majestic, grand

Water carved throughout the ages

According to the Master’s plan

The wind swirled around me

As I peered long and deep

In the distance, I spotted hikers

Ascending a hill, tall and steep

It is a destination fascinating to everyone

Luring people from far and near

To take to the trails, enjoy the sights

Or on a mule’s back, hiding their fear

Somehow this place keeps calling me

Lures me back to see something new

This park, a national treasure

That God created for me and you

When this life has beaten you down

Take time to go to this place

Stand on the rim, take a deep breath

And be in the presence of God’s grace

June 14, 2022