My Guardian Angel

My guardian angel really must be something
Considering everything I’ve put him through
From birth, he’s looked over my shoulder
He’s always wary of what I’m going to do

The times he has saved me from danger
The times that he has wisely directed my path
The times for me when he has intervened
Are uncountable if you do the math

My angel, he really must be something!
Because I am a twenty-four-hour task
Satan tries to enter wherever he can
My angel protects me whenever I ask

If everybody has a guardian angel
That is just half as good as mine
Then this world is a far safer place
Everything will ultimately turn out fine

Yes, I would like to meet my angel
I’d like to thank him for protecting my life
I am sure there are times he’s intervened
And kept me from Satan’s perils and strife

Over my shoulder, he looks as I write
And I’m sure he’s reading every word
If he is I want to tell him now
“Thank You” for my life heavenly insured!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022