Dwell On The Positive

Unfortunately, it’s our human nature
To always dwell on things that are bad
Sometimes we make it a science
Doing our best to make each other sad

On the flip side are the good things
Things we tend to always overlook
They can be profound or quite simple
From a double rainbow to a good book

Why do we dwell on the plight of others
When we can do things to uplift
Is a question that I can’t answer
Except to say our priorities must shift

It doesn’t hurt to give a compliment
Or converse about something nice
If done repetitively becomes a habit
But it must be done more than twice

Dwelling on good things makes you happy
Doing it will make your attitude change
Instead of experiencing gloom and doom
You’ll no longer ponder on things strange

There is so much to be thankful for
If you will just take the time to think
It will rescue you from your doldrums
From despair’s lonesome terrible brink

You must always dwell on the positive
Don’t allow negativity into your mind
The peace that will come over you
It will be so tender, loving and kind

Friday, June 17, 2022