Heavens To Betsy

Heavens To Betsy, You’re Cute As A Button
Come on, Shoot The Breeze, Spill The Beans
You’re As Fit As A Fiddle, Fine As Frog Hair
You’re Driving Me Up A Wall, come clean

It was nasty outside, Raining Cats And Dogs
A Real Toad Strangler, it was coming down good
It was Like A Cow Peeing On A Flat Rock
Does A Bear Really Live In The Woods?

I’ve known you since Knee High To A Grasshopper
Wherever we went I would Ride Shotgun
Beauty parlors, Pass The Buck, say “Eat My Dust”
One rainy day stopped without me, a change had begun

Really, I’m not as Dumb As A Box Of Rocks
I’m Running In Circles, You’re On My Last Nerve
So, Put Up Or Shut Up, don’t Plead The Fifth
I’m having a Conniption Fit I don’t deserve

So you’ve got me Behind The Eight Ball
I’m becoming Mean As The Junkyard Dog
There’s More Than One Way To Skin A Cat
I’m Going Postal, You’re Telling Me, Whole Hog

Your complexion is White As A Ghost
No longer do you look Old As The Hills
Don’t Hold Your Horses, you Penny Pincher
Tell me The Whole Nine Yards, don’t be still

I will Jump For Joy, be Free As A Bird
Once In A Blue Moon, Go Jump In A Lake
Is it A Piece Of Cake? Say It Ain’t So
Jump On The Bandwagon, my John Hancock make

Dumb As A Doorknob, I’m Quitting Cold Turkey
My Blind As A Bat has Bought The Farm
My hair, not Crooked As A Snake’s Hind Leg
Beautified, I’m Snug As A Bug In A Rug

Thursday, June 23, 2022