Inner Sunshine

On a spring day, it’s storming sunshine
But is it storming sunshine in your heart
Does a smile radiate from your face?
From a sinner can they tell you apart?

Has an inner change really happened
To a heart that was once hard and cold?
Do tears flow freely down your cheeks
Becoming a witness for others to behold?

Do kind words flow freely from you
Instead of bitterness, hate, and scorn?
Do acts of daily kindness show forth
As you meet the helpless and forlorn?

Do little children climb up on your lap
Knowing they’re safe within your arms?
Does a humble meekness show forth
Causing people to see a Godly charm?

Does love and sensitivity stand out
When you realize that there’s a need
Regardless if its a shoulder to cry on
Or hungry mouths you need to feed

If all of these things are true about you
Then you’ve allowed God into your heart
Replaced all of Satan’s gloom and doom
With an inner sunshine that never departs

Tuesday, June 21, 2022