The Evening Service

In his mind, he heard, “Don’t go”
“Is it something you want to do?”
After church, the voice pestered him
How to stop it? He had no clue

That night to church he timidly went
The voice kept talking, it wouldn’t quit
At the altar was a circle of chairs
Next to the Pastor he reluctantly did sit

A bowl of water and a couple of towels
Were sitting on the floor next to him
The voice kept saying, “Run away”
The odds of getting away were slim

That morning the Pastor announced it
A foot washing service was tonight
All day long he had struggled, fought it
Now he was here, timid with fright

Around the circle Pastor washed their feet
He saw that he would be last
The whole time he squirmed and waited
Apprehensive glances he did cast

And then finally it was his turn
Pastor placed his feet in the bowl
As Pastor washed and dried his feet
Something snapped inside his soul

He began to sob and then to weep
The Pastor stopped, looked, and smiled
The pastor knew that it was going to happen
It had been coming for quite a while

Pastor gently took him into his arms
Said, “This is what love is about”
“First you must give in, be humbled”
“Now, with victory, give God a shout”

“God told me that this would happen”
“He also knows about the voice”
“He is also so very proud of you”
“Because you made the right choice”

“Foot washing is something that we do”
“It is to humble, cleanse the soul”
“It is one way God searches hearts”
“A meek spirit is His ultimate goal”

“He took bowl and towels from his pastor
While crying, before his pastor he knelt
Like Jesus, with his tears he washed
As his heart so slowly began to melt

What he thought would be embarrassing
Became something special before his eyes
He realized that what he had dreaded
Would change his life and make him cry

Friday, June 17, 2022