The Book Of Life

I can picture Him on the throne

A massive book is in His lap

With a golden pen, He is writing

Filling in names in all the gaps

It is something He always does

On His face, there is a smile

It is something He enjoys doing

He’s been doing it for quite a while

This book contains many names

And one of them is mine

One day He gladly added it

When I finally toed the line

My name is listed among others

And some of them you’ll know

From disciples to Godly pastors

To Heaven, we all will excitedly go

The day that I repented got saved

My name, it was written in

It instantly popped into His mind

And He grabbed that golden pen

One day I’ll stand before Him

He will open that massive book

My name, it will be there

All He had to do was look

June 14, 2022