Being An Idiot

If a person isn’t entirely an idiot
Just how much of an idiot is he?
A tad, pinch, dash, or a boatload
It all depends on what you see

What part of an idiot is a dummy?
And is a fool as much as a dolt?
Is it decided by the IQ you boast?
Against common sense do you revolt?

Is a nincompoop considered an idiot?
Or a moron considered half a twit?
Is a numbskull the same as a nerd?
Is a halfwit basically half of a nitwit?

Is a hare brain almost a peabrain?
Do a dunce and a dimwit ever relate?
Are a bonehead and an ass connected?
Is a blockhead and knucklehead your pate?

Is an ignoramus really an idiot?
Is an imbecile mentally deprived?
Is a dope or jerk really a chump?
And a simpleton something contrived?

It seems to me that all of these
Are good alternatives for the word
Even a bungler is classified as one
At least that is what I have heard

So, if a person really is an idiot
Mentally he has a long row to hoe
Trying to overcome the stigma of being
A person who really doesn’t know

Tuesday, June 21, 2022