The One Of A Kind Gun

“It’s a one of a kind,” the dealer said.
“I guarantee you’ll never find another one.”
“It’s provenance, why it is rock solid”
“This is an authentic John Dillinger gun”

“I bought it from his great aunt”
“She had it hidden in her bureau drawer”
“It was wrapped up in an old towel”
“How could you ask for anything more?”

“His fingerprints, they are all over it”
“They were, I’ve been told, never wiped clean”
“He used it during his very first heist”
“Back when times were so hard and lean”

“Mister! It’s a bargain. You gotta believe me”
“And ten thousand dollars is a low price”
“If you think the price is too much”
“Someone else wants it, won’t think twice”

“So, what do you think, Mister?”
“Do you want to own a Dillinger gun?”
“Where do you think you’ll find another?”
“I believe this is a very special one”

He forked over his hard earned cash
The dealer took it, went out the door
He proudly showed it to his gunsmith
And was told it was made in 1984!

Friday, June 17, 2022