A One Day Journey

One day I’ll take a long journey

Like none that I’ve taken before

My ticket’s been purchased, it’s one way

I won’t live here anymore

My departure will be instantaneous

One moment I’m here, the next gone

I will heed the rallying trumpet

Whether at noontime, dusk, or dawn

I won’t be the only one leaving

I’ll join a procession Heaven bound

My Earthly garments discarded

I”ll be wearing a Heavenly crown

In the distance is my destination

Glowing with the glory of God

At the gate awaits the Master

To greet us with a smile and nod

In a line, all of the saints will wait

To be embraced and welcomed in

In awe, I will await my turn

To meet the one who bore my sin

He’ll take me into His arms

And say, “Well done, my son”

“You’ve kept the faith, loved me”

“Enjoy the eternity you have won”

June 14, 2022