Filthy Lucre

For thirty pieces of filthy silver

Our Lord Jesus was betrayed

The temptation was put before him

And Judas, from the Master, strayed

It’s been called the root of all evil

This monetary system we have

The lust to have more of it

Becomes a destroying balm or salve

It can control you if you allow it

Make you do things you shouldn’t

Make you say things not true

Things that you normally wouldn’t

Because of it greed also reigns

And you ruthlessly strive for more

If you don’t get a grip on it

Chances are you’ll enter Hell’s door

On the bright side, money exists

To help people in desperate need

When used correctly and by faith

When sown becomes a financial seed

When given as your required tithe

It allows God to do mighty works

This filthy lucre becomes a tool

The results become a holy perk

So, money can be so many things

It can uplift or be your downfall

It depends on how it is used

Either for Satan or a most holy call

Wednesday, August 3, 2022