A Trio Of Bunnies

She had a trio of cute bunnies

They were similar, almost the same

She pondered on what to name them

And came up with confusing names

One bunny  had a white foot

And another one, it had two

The third had three white feet

Telling them apart, the only clue

The first one she named it Foot

The second one was Foot Foot

And to make things more confusing

The third was named Foot Foot Foot

It instantly became a mouthful

Especially when it was dinner time

“Foot!, Foot Foot!, Foot Foot Foot!”

She’d call them in sing-song rhyme

Foot, she would come a running

Foot Foot, she’d be close behind

Foot Foot Foot had other intentions

He had one thing on his mind

Before very long you could hear

The patter of tiny stocking feet

Foot and Foot Foot had given birth

Stocking’d offspring for her to meet

The naming process began again

There were Foot bunnies to be named

Foot Foot also had a large litter

Foot Foot Foot, he was to  be blamed

One was named Foot Foot Foot Foot

Another was called White Stockinged Feet

The mouthful soon became a nightmare

Frustrated, she gave up in defeat

Now when she calls them to dinner

She, with a spoon, beats a pan

Has to hurry to get out of the way

The bunny stampede gets out of hand

Tuesday, September 27, 2022