A Sweet Journey

From the planet “Zagnutia” they came
From betwixt” Mars” and the “Milky Way”
Their planet’s finances amounted to “Zero”
And they were wanting to “Score” a “Payday”

In New York, they landed on “Fifth Avenue”
And time-wise, they were in a “Krunch”
Their strange appearance caused “Snickers”
Short and “Chunky”, a very pitiful bunch

They came upon a “Mister Goodbar”
On a stroll with his wife named “Reese”
“Where can we find “Mounds” of cash”
They answered, “Over on “Clark” street”.”

“There you’ll find the “Charlston Chew” bank”
“Talk to the manager, a Mrs. “Hershey”
“Charming, she’s as sweet as a “Dove”
“And her cute nickname is “Bit O’ Honey”

“On her job, she’s sometimes a “Slo Poke”
“Butterfingers” are incredibly fast
“On her desk is a picture of her pet “KitKat”
“And her ex-husband, “O Henry” from the past”

“Back from maternity leave, she is”
“Has a daughter, “Almond Joy”, a youth”
“I believe her husband’s name is “Heath”
“New edition, they had a “Baby Ruth”

“Your money? “Whatchamacallit” aliens asked
“We need a “Hundred Grand” to help us get back”
Later from the bank came gunfire “Krackel”.
Their “Cup Of Gold” denied, a failed attack

In a “Goo Goo Cluster” security guards arrived
“Marathon” fight, aliens against “Three Musketeers”
The aliens gave up, shouted It’s “Forever Yours”
“We’ll be back in a few hundred years”

Thursday, June 23, 2022