The Hardest Fight You'll Ever Have

One of there hardest fights you’ll ever have

Is the one you will have for your soul

Your opponent is the master of deception

Taking you to Hell is his ultimate goal

He will use every dirty trick at his disposal

He will look you in the eye and then lie

Continually whisper, plant his seeds

Tell you suicide is the right way to die

He will dangle tempting things before you

Things that will make you lust for more

Once you take a step down that road

You have taken a step through Satan’s door

He will teach you the fine art of lying

The more you do the easier it becomes

Then the deeper you plunge into sin

As your spirit and soul spiritually succumbs

He will scoff, say that there is no God

All the time knowing that he is wrong

Knows that in  the end he will be defeated

And banished to Hell where he belongs

This fight is one you just have to win

This epic battle to redeem your soul

You have to understand the consequences

And make sure that Hell is not your goal

So, when Satan comes, you must fight

Use God’s Word to strengthen the blows

Don’t stop until the battle has been won

And to Satan your back you defiantly show

Thursday, August 18, 2022