Forgive The Unforgivable

How do you forgive the unforgivable?

A question that has been asked for years

Especially when it pertains to you

And you’re broken, wounded, and in tears

And how do you handle the anger

That rises up and it seeks revenge?

When an atrocity against you is committed

And your self-control is on edge

Payback usually comes to you first

Getting even often rears its ugly head

You start thinking ominous thoughts

Such as “Wishing they were dead?

You want to go on the offensive

Hurt back as bad as you were hurt

To make the offender your target

And from your mouth curses blurt

The Bible says to turn the other cheek

For your enemies, you are to pray

Forgive them of their sins, trespasses

And let God judge them one day

It is something easier said than done

It takes willpower far beyond belief

But if you allow God to take control

He will heal your heartache and grief

June 16, 2022