Words, words, a myriad of words
Rush in torrents through my mind
Twisting, turning, and expecting
Being placed in texts of many kinds

One moment they’re a short story
Meant to amuse and amaze
It matters not for young or old
As my imagination runs ablaze

And once again it becomes a poem
As I intently share my heart
I’ve learned to quietly listen
As my spirit’s words humbly start

It may be something uplifting
Or maybe rekindle a memory anew
A smile on the face, a fallen tear
As I share my thoughts with you

To paint a picture with my words
Is an ability only God can give
Why He chose me I’ll never know
Unless through me His words can live

People say that I’m a “wordsmith”
And this could possibly be true
But in my heart, I know the truth
It’s God speaking through me to you

Tuesday, June 21, 2022