Western Memories

I grew up with the Lone Ranger

Rode the range with Roy and Dale

Hopalong Cassidy was my hero

And Zorro, he always prevailed

Marshall Dillon ruled Dodge City

Bat Masterson was a dapper man

Lucas McCain had a special rifle

Maverick played a good poker hand

Cisco and Pancho were sidekicks

Gene Autry rode a horse named “Champ”

Palladin advertised “Have Gun, Will Travel”

Rowdy Yates drove cattle, brand stamped

Seargent Preston was a Mountie

Cochise, for his people, fought

Josh Randall was a bounty hunter

Miss Kitty’s saloon was often sought

Rin Tin Tin was an army dog

Victoria Barkley dressed in style

Annie Oakley was a good shot

Hoss was gentle until he was riled

Blue Boy rode among the cactus

Cheyenne was a towering man

Hawkeye knew how to trap

Gabby Hayes, hard to understand

Quint Aspen was a half breed

Smiley Burnette could sing songs

Little Joe had a quick temper

Festus was there all along

Chester was a limping deputy

Daniel Boone wore a coonskin cap

Sugarfoot was a tenderfoot

Gil Favor wore rawhide chaps

All of these I grew up with

Episodes, I hardly ever missed

I watched how the west was won

Using six-guns, whips, and fists

Wednesday, September 7, 2022