Raked Across The Nose!

Through the yard, she ran
Missy was after a cat
She’d never caught one before
And this one was fat

For an eleven-year-old Yorkie
She is still very quick
Now her legs are churning
Into a battle hot and thick

The cat she finally cornered
Arched its back and hissed
Puzzled, she looked at me
“What is all of this?”

Tentative, she crept closer
The cat, it wasn’t afraid
With its claws, teeth bared
It knew it had it made

Missy lunged, and the cat swiped
Raked claws across her nose
She yelped, took steps backward
What happened, didn’t know

She turned, looked at me
The cat, it quickly escaped
She wasn’t hurt, just confused
I wish I had a camera and taped

Knowing her, she’ll try again
To catch that brave cat
The outcome, probably the same
Nothing I can do about that

Friday, June 17, 2022