The Easy Way Out

When troubles come as they always do
Do we search for an easy way out?
Do we compromise for an answer?
When it fails do we complain and pout?

Easy way outs come in many forms
Your situation dictates the one you use
Simple or complex, they’re out there
Ready to be exploited, conjured or abused

For some, it’s easier to get a divorce
Remarry and life will be rosy once more
Sometimes it works, most times it won’t
They’re back in the same shape as before

For others, bankruptcy is their easy way out
Instead of fixing the mistakes they’ve made
Accumulating debt with no intent to repay
Destroying their credit thru a stupid charade

Sometimes easy way outs are found in a bottle
Or by injecting substances into their arms
But the only result of this foolish act
Is the anguish to the loved ones they’ve harmed

Or is suicide their selfish easy way out?
A solution that is nothing but a cowardly act
Instead of facing up to their problems
They’ve chosen a desperate way to react

Maybe their easy way out is using a gun
Pulling a trigger and their problem is fixed
Without thinking they’re now on death row
Awaiting their lethal injection needle prick

So, if you are considering desperate measures
Remember, God’s love is the only easy way out
Everything else you try is destined to fail
Trust Him, He’ll solve your problems, no doubt

Friday, June 17, 2022